How to use the DirectX Extensions for Alias Maya

Once you have the DirectX Extensions for Alias Maya installed, here is how to use them.

  1. Create a polygon cube:
    Create Menu -> Polygon Primitives -> Cube
  2. Assign the DirectX material to the Cube:
    Right Click on the Cube
    Materials -> Assign New Material -> Direct XShader
  3. Open a DirectX Viewer window so you can see how the cube will look in DirectX:
    DirectX Menu -> Viewers... -> Floating
  4. Bring up the attributes of the Direct XShader material:
    Right Click on the Cube
    Materials -> Materials Attributes...
  5. In the Attribute Editor, associate a .fx file with the Cube:
    Attribute Editor -> DirectXShader1 -> Direct3D -> Select and Customize FX-File
  6. Use the wood.fx shader that comes with Nvidia's SDK. I found the .fx files that ship with the Microsoft DirectX 9.0 SDK did not work:
    FX Editor -> Open -> C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\SDK 9.0\MEDIA\Hlsl\wood.fx
  7. Close the FX Editor:
    FX Editor -> Close
  8. Export .x file:
    DirectX Menu -> Export All -> Desktop -> File name: junk.x -> Save
  9. Accept default settings for ExportOptions dialog:
    ExportOptions -> OK
  10. Load junk.x file with DirectX MeshView to verify results:
    Start -> Run... -> "C:\Program Files\Microsoft DirectX 9.0 SDK (April 2005)\Utilities\Bin\x86\MView.exe" "C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Desktop\junk.x"


For more information on the Microsoft Maya Plug-in, see:


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